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Museums & Art Galleries

Ludzie w Muzeum

National Museum In Kraków

Cloth Hall 

address: Rynek Główny 3


Museum of Contemporary Art 


address: Ul Lipowa 4 Kraków

Czartoryski's Museum

address: ul Pijarska 15

Wawel Royal Castle

National Museum in Kraków Main Building

address: Aleja 3 maja 1

National Museum in Kraków

address: Rynek Główny 3

Salt Mine in Wieliczka 


The salt mine in Wieliczka .  Deep underground, there is a salt labyrinth! If you don’t know the way, you could easily get lost forever... The underground is measured and described by creating underground maps so you can always find the way in this endless maze of drifts, crosscuts and ramps.

Photo Workshop with Przemek Czaja 

Fantastic experience of Kraków as usually not seen, panoramas from different City towers, as well as ""secret" spots of renowed photograpers. On top plenty of stories about Kraków and its history that are not usually published in guide books. Highly recommended.

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