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Pałac Zieleniewskich

From June 15, 2020, a part of the Palace, in the form of four apartments, has been made available to guests who would like to experience its stylish interiors and treat it as a base for discovering the charms of Krakow.

The first Zieleniewski Palace was built in the years 1837–1839 in the classicist style for the industrialist Ludwik Zieleniewski.

The designer of the building was the architect K. Szydłowski. In 1857, the building was extended and rebuilt in the neo-Renaissance style according to the design of Stanisław Gołębiowski.

The Zieleniewski Palace in Kraków at 31 Św. Marka street was the home of the Zieleniewski family from its inception to the present day. It is one of the few surviving examples of a 19th-century factory owners house in Kraków.

The palace was built as a city residence next to the first Forge, which gradually grew into a factory, or rather a concern consisting of many factories with diversified production. The history of this building and its surroundings as well as the fate of the family were inextricably linked with the history of the Zieleniewski factory.

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